Real Estate

The firm focuses largely in Real Estate and has assisted numerous clients with the sale, purchase and financing of property throughout The Bahamas. We also assist in obtaining the necessary government and exchange control approvals.

The Bahamas has become a second home to many foreigners looking to take advantage of the warm climate and friendly people. We maintain a good working relationship with several of the top realtors in Grand Bahama. We provide the following real estate transactions:

  • Sale and Purchase of Condominiums
  • Preparing Declaration of Condominiums
  • Sale and Purchase of High-end Homes
  • Sale and Purchase of Vacant Land
  • Sale and Purchase of Commercial Properties including Hotels
  • Mortgages
  • Debentures
  • Application under the Stamp Act for Stamp Duty Exemption
  • Purchase and Sale of Hotels
  • Application under the Hotels Encouragement Act

Real Estate can be held in an Individual’s Name, in the name of a Resident Companies incorporated pursuant to the Companies Act, 1992 or an International Business Company (IBC) incorporated pursuant to the International Business Companies Act, 2000.  The firm also assists in setting up Bank Account for Regular Bahamian Companies and International Business Companies.


Our firm enjoys a thriving commercial practice and offers a wide range of corporate legal services. We are licensed under the Financial and Corporate Service Providers Act and offer a full range of services covered under this Act such as:

  • Incorporation of Resident Companies,
  • The Registration or management of international business companies incorporated or existing under the International Business Companies Act
  • Foreign Company Registration
  • Continuations
  • Nominee and Shareholder services
  • Directorship
  • Registered Office and Registered Agent
  • Mailbox services and opening of bank accounts

We also provide the following:-

  • Business Licenses
  • Business Name Reservation and renewal
  • Grand Bahama Port Authority Licenses
  • Builder Investor Licenses
  • General Contractor’s Licenses


As The Bahamas has grown as one of the world’s largest ship registration facilities in the world, there is a growing need for law firms in this jurisdiction that provide related services. With this in mind, we have seen the development of The Grand Bahama Ship Yard and the Container Port. There is an increasing demand for law firms that can appeal to clients who would require these services. Our services include:

  • Ship Registration
  • Ship Mortgages
  • Sale and Purchase of Bahamian Ships


We provide the following applications with regard to immigration:

  • Work Permit
  • Renewals
  • Annual Residency
  • Annual Residency renewals
  • Permanent Residency
  • Citizenship

Wills, Probate & Administration of Estates

We provide probate services for both Bahamian and foreign estates. We offer our services in allocating deceased information with regard to property, funds on account and debts owed by the estate. We provide the following:

Bahamian Estates

  • Grant of Letters of Administration (when the deceased died without a will)
  • Grant of Probate (when a deceased died with a will)

With regards to foreign clients, we reseal foreign grants in order that property can be transferred to a Personal Representative named in a will and/or to a third party pursuant to an Agreement for Sale. Our services include:

Foreign Estates

  • Grant of Resealing of Letters of Administration
  • Grant of Resealing of Letters of Administration with the Will annexed
  • Grant of Resealing of Probate
  • Grants with respect to Civil Law Jurisdictions

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